• Pneumatic Power Positioners
  • Pneumatic Damper Drive Units
  • Oxygen Analyzer Systems
  • Oxygen Transmitters
  • Combustibles Analyzers
  • Carbon Monoxide Analyzers
  • Opacity Monitors
  • High Temperature Boiler Cameras
  • Video Combustion Montitoring

Solid Fuel Handling / Burning Equipment

  • Stokers for Coal, Wood or ANY Solid Fuel
  • Renewal parts for ANY OEM Stoker
  • Complete Ash Removal Systems
  • Ash System Components
  • Rotary Seal Feeders ( Any Material)
  • Ash Conditioner / Unloaders

Other Mechanical Equipment

  • Deaerating Feedwater Heaters
  • Deaerator Inspections
  • Sootblower Systems
  • Parts, Service and Rebuilds for all Vulcan Sootblowers
  • On-Site Re-builds and Sootblower Service
  • Centrifugal & Axial Fans
  • Bottom Ash Equipment

Valves and Piping Accessories

  • High Pressure Globe Stop Valves up to 4500lb Class
  • Whisper-jet Valves
  • High Pressure Gate Valves up to 2500lb Class
  • High Pressure Throttle Valves up to 2500lb Class
  • High Pressure Check Valves and Strainers up to 2500lb Class
  • High Pressure Metal Seated Ball Valves up to 2500lb Class
  • High Pressure Instrument Valves

Precision Hose & Expansion Joints

  • Expansion Joints, metal, fabric, rubber
  • Penetration Seals
  • Field Repairs, installation and service